News : MINI squeezes in 28 (good friends)

Record-breaking MINI

Anyone who says you can’t squeeze many people into a MINI -prepare to eat your words. A team of gym members from East Sussex has broken two Guinness World Records for the number of people inside both a classic Mini and a 2012 MINI.

An amazing tally of 28 ladies crammed their way into the MINI at Potters Fields Park, London as part of the eighth annual Guinness World Records day. The team broke their own previous record of 27 people, which they set in Eastbourne last year. The ladies made full use of every inch of space available in the MINI, including the dashboard, the footwells and they even managed to squeeze four people in the boot.

As soon as they celebrated their first record the ladies dashed off to the ITV studios to attempt the second record live on This Morning, where by squeezing a staggering 23 ladies into a classic Mini, they managed to beat the previous record by two people. Today more than 400,000 people around the world are taking part in record-breaking events for the eighth annual Guinness World Records Day, which commemorates the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world’s best-selling copyright book.

Keith Adams


  1. Having owned two of them, there’s nothing lardy about the size of the interior; 28 is a heck of an achievement! We gave up and moved on when the family reached something much closer to 2.8!

  2. Many many years ago I got a train to Manchester with three friends and got a lift home from 5 girls in a (proper) Mini.
    Nine of us (3 rows of 3) for a 20 mile journey. It was rather cosy. The driver did pull over once to avoid being spotted by the police but from what I could tell, back row in the nearside corner, it was a fine, if slow, journey. Those were the days.

  3. So the new MINI can only take 4 more of those girls than the 53 year old model? Astounding, especially when you consider how much bigger this new car is.So yes, it is safer, but it just shows you why cars are actually not that much more efficient than cars of old because they clearly carry exponentially more weight in them. Put a new MINI engine in an old Mini and I’m guessing you could get over 100mpg without breaking a sweat.

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