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Another strike at a British Motor Corporation factory broke out today when 80 tool setters at Morris Commercial Cars, Limited, Adderley Park, Birmingham, walked out in support of a pay claim. Three hundred men at this factory are already laid off as a result of the three-day old strike of 600 men at the Nuffield Metal Products factory, Birmingham, which is also in the B.M.C. group. Today the metal products men decided to continue their stoppage. which has halted production of the Morris Minor car at Oxford.

The 250 strikers at the Rover company, Solihull, will meet again tomorrow to decide on their next move. They have been on strike since Tuesday over piece- work rates, and all workers on production of the Land-Rover have been laid off, a company spokesman said tonight.

Car Workers Get Jobs Back

The 117 body shop workers who were dismissed by the Standard Motor Co., of Coventry, on Monday, accepted by a majority vote today the conditions which had been negotiated for their reinstatement. They are to resume work tomorrow on producing the firm’s new Triumph Herald models. Output is to be doubled to five cars an hour immediately. The men are to receive about 4s. 6d. a week more than the £20 previously offered and negotiations for permanent pay rates are to take place as soon as possible. The men were dismissed after rejecting £20 a week for increased production pending an agreement on piecework rates. After a meeting in Coventry today Mr D. Fairbairn, district organizer of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, said that the men would receive the basic pay for the three days they had been out. He added:

“The dispute from our point of view has been caused by the company insisting that they were right on each point they were putting forward-the number of cars which could be produced, what payment should be made. how many, men should be on the job and how fast they should work. We were not prepared to accept that.. and we have established that there should be proper negotiations to determine these points.”

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