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Back To Normal At Bathgate

Work was back to normal yesterday at the British Motor Corporation factory at Bathgate where truck assembly line workers were sent home on Tuesday because of a shortage of cab bodies brought about by a walk out of 40 cab trim men who claimed the factory was cold during night shift working . The men also had complaints about allocation of overtime working .

All the truck assembly workers who are members of the National Union of Vehicle Builders , had a meeting in Bathgate on Tuesday night with a Midlands organiser from their union .

Mr K.H.J. Sinnott , managing director of BMC (Scotland) Ltd said yesterday :- ‘I was informed after the meeting that a resolution had been passed agreeing that there would be no further unconstitutional action at the factory. Everybody was back at work this morning , and we hope this is the end of a long and disgraceful story .”

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