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More car workers were without work yesterday because of the Cricklewood strike of car instrument workers at Smiths, which seems likely to continue at least until Monday afternoon when the strikers meet again. Yesterday the strikers decided to continue the stoppage.

B.M.C. fear that 10,000 of their 60,000 workers will be without work by the end of the week. Jaguars, who laid off 650 men yesterday, said that to “keep faith” with home customers expecting delivery of cars for the holidays they were making arrangements for models to be fitted with kilometre speedometers normally used only a vehicles for export. These will have overlays bearing m.p.h. conversions and will be replaced by the company when the strike is over.

Yesterday 6,800 B.M.C. men were without work-3,000 at Morris Motors, Cowley, 2,000 at a Nuffield Metal Products factory in Birmingham, and 1,800 at the Austin factory. The A55 and A99 lines at Austins closed down since the end of last week, will resume today, but the cars will have to be stored to await the arrival of instruments from Smiths. This will find work for the 1,800 laid off. The Cricklewood men are on strike over a wage claim.

The position at other car factories yesterday was: –
ROVER.-Stocks of speedometers dwindling, but ” we are able to carry on for the time being “.
STANDARD-TRIUMPH.-Overtime banned for 5,000.

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