Archive : Drivers’ pay dispute halts Leyland plant output

Car production at British Leyland’s Austin-Morris plant in Longbridge. Birmingham, was stopped yesterday when 165 internal drivers walked out over a pay dispute. The stoppage is unofficial and the management claims that negotiations on the men’s pay demands were still in progress when they walked out.

The drivers concerned are men who keep the assembly lines fed with components and without them production is impossible. Because of the strike, 3.000 other workers had to be sent home and unless the dispute is settled, there will be further lay-offs today. The dispute, which has stopped output of Mini, 1100 1300 and 1800 cars. means that the Austin- Morris division is now at a standstill.

The other Austin-Morris plant at Cowley, Oxford, has been Stopped for over two weeks by an unofficial strike of 1,100 assembly line workers, with 2.300 others laid off. This dispute concerns pay rates for men who will have to change jobs when the Morris 1000 lines are phased out.

Keith Adams

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