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Man Who Planted Spy Quits

A security officer who planted a spy in a factory has resigned, it was announced last night. And the firm—the giant British Motor Corporation—made it quite clear that their workers need never fear this happening again.

Last month the spy, Henry Mulligan, 33, was jailed for six months for trying to ” frame ” workers at BMC’s factory at Bathgate, Scotland. The court—at Linlithgow— was told that Mulligan planted machinery on the men’s lorries. The factories chief security officer, John Aitken Clark—a 53-year-old former police Inspector agreed that he installed the informer.

Said the court Sheriff, Mr W. Ross McLean: “It seems quite wrong that an unofficial security police force should deliberately get a person into employment so that he can inform on his fellow workers.”

Last night, the firm’s Scottish headquarters announced: “Following the recent trial and conviction of a former employee charged with attempting to pervert the course of Justice, detailed inquiries have been carried out by senior management nothing of a like nature can ever occur again. The whole incident is most regrettable and is absolutely contrary to management policy and normal practice throughout the BMC factories.”

An official of the Transport and General Workers’ Union—which raised the matter with the B M C—said last night:  “‘We are satisfied with the assurances given that such an incident can never happen again . We deplored the situation and accept that it was an isolated case.”

Keith Adams

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