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Unions Settle Dispute But 12 Still Idle

For almost two months 12 Birmingham factory semi-skilled workers have been paid full wages by their employers to stay at home.
They were suspended at the British Motor Corporation’s factory at Longbridge after a dispute between the two unions over the men’s dual membership. As a result, all 12 were paid 15gns. a week up to last week. when the company reduced their money by half.

Mr Frank Biggs, general secretary of the National Society of Metal Mechanics, said yesterday that the dispute with the National Union of Vehicle Builders had been settled “It is up to the company to make the next move”,  he said.

Mr George Evans, district organizer of the National Union of Vehicle Builders, said that unfortunately the B.M.C. was not prepared to agree to their suggestion that the men should return to Fisher and Ludlow on work they were originally doing there.

“We claim that while discussions have been taking place suitable vacancies have arisen. Our suggestion is the ideal solution. There would be no inter- union dispute, and the men themselves, for whom a return would present no hardship, would welcome it.”

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The biggest site for housebuilding to come on the market in the Midlands since the war was sold today for about £16,000 an acre.
Bryant Holdings Ltd., a Birmingham firm of builders and contractors, agreed to pay £1,055,000 to the Rover Company for 65 acres at Solihull, Warwickshire. The land is near the Rover car factory and had been scheduled for extensions by them. It became surplus to their requirements when, in response to the Government’s appeal to motor firms to open up plant in areas of high unemployment, they built a factory in South Wales.

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