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The British Motor Corporation has announced a new 1.5 litre diesel engine, already in production, as an alternative to the ” B ” series petrol engine in light commercial vehicles. Some components are common to both engines, which are similar in appearance and dimensions.

The diesel weighs only about 50lb. more. The makers claim that it uses up to 35 per cent less fuel -but will cost only £85 more. Previously the cost of a diesel unit has made it a questionable economy for light vehicles.

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  1. Hello,
    Was wondering if anyone could provide a source for valves, valve seats, and springs. for a 1.5 liter BMC B series Diesel engine 1985 vintage. thanks,Bill

  2. Wow that B series is still being produced & is widely polular! I’ve read that there’s a turbo version of the BMC series diesel! 50 bhp and 112.5 Nm torque! It’ll be installed on the Hindustan Ambassador Encore!

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