Archive : Strikes Affect Two B.M.C. Factories

Two British Motor Corporation factories here were affected today by unofficial disputes and over 3,500 men were idle. A fresh strike by 220 press shop workers at the factory of Nuffield Metal Products Ltd. -they were on strike for two days last week over a piecework rate dispute-led to 2,500 men being laid off at the factory at lunchtime and being told not to report again for work until Thursday.

About 1,200 workers at the Austin factory at Longbridge also had to be sent home at lunchtime to-day because of lack of supplies due to a strike over piecework by 40 men at the Swindon factory of the Pressed Steel Company. The strike ended last night and supplies to the Austin works were said to be improving tonight.

At another Pressed Steel Company works -the car body manufacturing plant at Cowley, Oxford-300 draughtsmen who have been on strike for over five weeks decided last night to return to work. They had claimed an extra week’s holiday, and rejected the firm’s offer which would have given this to some men. A meeting between the union and employers is to be held on Friday.

Keith Adams

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