Archive : Risk of lay-off at Jaguar

By our Correspondents

The 64 final assembly line workers at the Coventry factory of Jaguar Cars who went on strike on Thursday and Friday causing 3,000 production workers to become idle, returned yesterday but walked out again within an hour. They are dissatisfied at the progress of talks about their claim foran extra sixpence an hour on piecework rates.

They had expected a decision from the management yesterday morning, and a union official said afterwards that they had walked out because they did not receive one. The 3,000 men who had been laid off were able to report for work yesterday and continued working with the firm maintaining production by stock-piling and unfinished cars. A spokesman for Jaguar said last night, however, that if the strike continued a lay-off would be inevitable.

Production at the Standard Motor Company, Coventry, was returning to normal yesterday after the unofficial two-day strike last week at Mulliners, the car-body building firm.

Keith Adams

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