Archive : Thousands Idle In Car Strikes

Work is to be resumed on Monday at one of the two Midland car factories where thousands of workers have had to be sent home because of unofficial strikes.

The 64 finishers on strike at the other factory, Jaguar Cars, Ltd., of Coventry, are to report to the factory on Monday when it is hoped that the men’s representatives will be able to meet Sir William Lyons, the managing director.

Yesterday 3,000 employees, three- quarters of the labour force at Jaguars, were sent home. The strikers, who are members of the National Union of Vehicle Builders and the Transport and General Workers’ Union, are seeking another 6d. an hour. After a day of meetings the 650 strikers at the Birmingham car body plant of Mulliners Ltd. decided yesterday afternoon to return to work on Monday. Before they took their decision production had ceased at the Coventry factory of Standard Triumph International and 4,000 workers were laid off there.

Keith Adams

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