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Rover Managing Director William Martin-Hurst writes to Bruce McWilliams at Rover North America on the subject of the P7 that he had decided,
‘….with regret the decision to drop it in favour of a new car to take both four and six cylinder engines without major alterations… The reason for the decision is two-fold – firstly the weight of the six cylinder engine upsets the weight distribution and spoils safe cornering to a marked degree.

“If you fling the car round corners it feels very front heavy , like a weight on a string , and with the power of the six it would , I am convinced , be a death trap on wet roads .”

‘Being free , for the moment , of the six , we can get on with the drop head and 2+2 versions of the four (P6) as well as , perhaps , an open and shut with detachable hard top.”

Keith Adams

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