Archive : Sankey dispute halts Triumph production

Midland Industrial Correspondent

All production will cease at Triumph’s main car assembly plant at Coventry today because of the effects of the G.K.N.- Sankey strike. Seven thousand workers are being laid off and the remainder of the labour force, about 1,500, are refusing to work. This the third time in recent weeks that, when a section has been laid off at Triumph’s Coventry plant because of outside disputes, the remainder of the employees there have refused to work. Their action is in support of a campaign for lay off pay which is gathering momentum throughout the British Leyland group.

British Leyland’s M.G. factory at Abingdon, Berkshire. was hit by a shortage of bodies from Pressed Steel Fisher affecting 300 workers, The company hopes production will be back to normal tomorrow (Wednesday). The strike by 27 internal drivers at Rover, Solihull, is over. Land Rover production which stopped on Thursday has been resumed and 750 men recalled.

Keith Adams

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