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Standard-Triumph Doing Well

Standard-Triumph International built a total of 109,200 cars and light commercial vehicles in 1963, an increase of 30 per cent over 1962.
This was announced yesterday by Mr. D. G. Stokes, who has been spending his first day as chairman of the company at its Coventry factory. He said they had increased home sales by 40 per cent, while exports had gone up by 10 per cent on 1962. In the United States the company sold over 20,000 vehicles in 1963, 12.5 per cent more than in 1962.

Saying the prospects for 1964 were even better, Mr Stokes added: “We are currently working on production schedules as high as those of last summer, an unprecedented situation for the motor industry.”

Orders for the Triumph 2000, to be released to the public next week, were already high enough to indicate that the car would be a clear leader in its class- production was already running at over 350 a week and would increase to about 400 a week.

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