China Watch : Geely to launch Shanghai Englon TX4 next week

George Gao,, 2nd June, 2009

Geely Group's version of the iconic London Taxi - the Shanghai Englon TX4.

Geely Holding Group Company Limited (Geely Group) is set to launch its Shanghai Englon TX4 car next week, said today. This is the first new model of Geely’s luxury sub-brand Shanghai Englon.The Shanghai Englon TX4, an updated version of the famed London Taxi (now controlled by Geely), is made by Shanghai Maple Auto (to be renamed Shanghai Englon soon), a joint venture between Geely Group and Manganese Bronze Holdings. Geely Group claim that the TX4’s pure British pedigree conveys Shanghai Englon’s brand characteristics of “classic, British style, nobility.”

The imported TX4 was also the service car working for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and its Chinese version was unveiled at the 2009 Shanghai auto show in April.

Three versions of the Shanghai Englon TX4 will go on sale next week – a 2.4-litre petrol-engined version (with a 5-speed automatic transmission) and two 2.5-litre diesel-engined versions (with 5-speed automatic and manual transmissions). The three Shanghai Englon TX4s are expected to have retail prices between 208,000 yuan ($30,450) and 228,000 yuan.

To replace its low-priced compact sedans and hatchbacks with a much broader vehicle range and price spectrum, Geely has created an entry-level sub-brand Gleagle, a mainstream sub-brand Emgrand (Dihao) and a premium sub-brand Shanghai Englon (Yinglun) which also has the controversial Geely GE, a Rolls-Royce Phantom-like model.


Clive Goldthorp


  1. Well, we will be soon seeing Rolls Royces, sorry Geely GEs, all over China and we will see the London Taxi, sorry the TX4, going all over China. I then expect to see a Chinese version of Big Ben called Even Bigger Ben!

  2. Kindly send me an offer for two Shanghai Englon TX4 vehicles FOB price China and CIF price Ho Chi Minh City. Also please send me the full pictures (interior and exterior) as well as technical specifications.
    Thank you
    Matthias Wiesmann
    Chief Operating Officer
    Celadon International Hotels
    Ho Chi Minh City

  3. @Matthias Wiesmann

    AROnline’s English-speaking contact at Shanghai LTI Automobiles Limited no longer works for the company. However, I will undertake some further research and then contact you directly by email either later today or tomorrow.

    Clive Goldthorp,
    News Editor.

  4. Have you already supplied the UK market with the Shanghai Englon TX4? If so, can you tell me when they went on the market in the UK. Where do I purchase one in the UK or do you sell directly? What guarantee does it come with? Please get back to me as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  5. @Pam Collins

    AROnline is a non-commercial motoring website which primarily covers cars produced by BMC and that company’s successors/surviving marques such as Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI and MG.

    The LTI/Shanghai Englon TX4 is the successor to the original Austin FX4 London Taxi – LTI Limited (t/a LTI Vehicles) still, in fact, manufacture and sell the TX4 here in the UK. You should therefore direct your request for information to that company – you can find the link to the company’s website here.

    Hoping that information assists,

    Clive Goldthorp,
    News Editor.

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