Archive : Stokes aims to beat the world

By Leslie Nichol

Lord Stokes has launched a bid to produce better-quality British Leyland cars , appointing a key man with special “Stop Production” powers. As the new Director of Product Quality Mr Gerry Minch can, for the first time, halt the production flow any time at any plant , if it is considered necessary. Minch’s new authority, which supersedes the power of all the group’s quality managers, follows Lord Stokes plan to update his range of models next year. Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened yesterday.

Lord Stokes said : “We are updating our model range at a speed which has scarcely ever been equalled. During 1974 you will see even more developments in our range , to make it, I believe, one of the most attractive in the world.”

Referring to British Leyland’s recent boardroom reshuffle, which saw former managing director George Turnbull quit. Lord Stokes explained: “I know you must all be aware that we made some important new appointments last week. We are now set fair to make a dramatic improvement in our total performance as the second phase of our policy to make British Leyland a fully integrated corporation.”

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