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After a series of meetings today, the unofficial strikers at the Nuffield Metal Products factory, Washwood Heath, Birmningham, decided to continue their stoppage which began on Tuesday. They are to meet again to-morrow. During the day 4,000 men were made idle.

The Nuffield branch of the British Motor Corporation was virtually closed, 2,500 production workers having nothing to do: at Morris Motors, Cowley, 700 day shift men were sent home and told not to report until Monday; and there was no work for the night shift of 800. These men are all concerned on work on the Morris Minor, for which the Nuffield factory supplies bodies. The strikers claim that a change in production method in a job on rear wheel arches has meant a loss of about 1s. an hour and that the management refuse to put a rate fixer on the job.

Mr John Sharkey, chief shop steward, said today that the men had asked the strike committee to try to get an inquiry into the management at Nuffield Metal Products “because of the lack of cooperation on anything which comes up on the shop floor.”

Nuffield Metal Products Dispute

Mr. John Sharkey, their chief shop steward, said: “The men feel the management has misled even our union representatives. The formula for a return to work included a promise that a union man should be allowed to see the job immediately.”

A wildcat strike which started on Wednesday at the Morris Motors branch at Coventry ended yesterday. Twenty-three car transporter drivers struck after the firm brought in British Road Services drivers and vehicles to help out. They returned after receiving assurances from the firm about the allocation of work.

One hundrcd painters at Jaguar’s Coventry factory ended a two-day ‘ work to rule ” yesterday. Discussions will now take place with the management on their dispute, which was over piece work rates.

Keith Adams

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