Archive : Strikers Return At Three Factories

Strikers at three Midland car factories wen;t back to work yesterday.

At Carbodies, Coventry, about 1,000, who came out a month ago when 120 workers were declared redundant, have accepted a peace formula. Talks will be held about possible minimizing of the redundancy.

At Jaguar Cars, Coventry, where production had stood still since Wednesday, 15 strikers in the plating shop, who had objected to the introduction of time and motion study methods, went back, and over 1,300 other workers, who have been laid off as a result of the strike, resume work today. The platers have been given assurances on the effects of the time and motion study.

At the Rover car factory at Solihull, Warwickshire, 120 sheet metal workers returned to work on union instructions for discussions to be resumed on a wage claim. The dispute had caused 1,500 other workers to be laid off, halting production on Land Rovers.

1,500 Car Workers May Lose Jobs

The Standard-Triumph International Company, Ltd., of Coventry, are expected to make an announcement tomorrow about plans for redundancy because of a further cut in car production.

It is understood that the company may make between 1,500 and 2,000 manual workers redundant. Since September 22 the firm’s 8000 manual workers have been on extensive short time. Some have been working only a 19-hour week, spread over two and a half days. There may also be some redundancy in office staff. Details are to be given to trade union officials and chief shop stewards at a meeting tomorrow at the Coventry headquarters of the Engineering Employers’ Association.

There appears to be some pressure from workers on the factory floor for the company to make a clear announcement about future employment prospects. If the firm decided to make men redundant without a cut in production there would be strenuous opposition from the shop stewards, who take the view that work sharing rs the only answer to the present situation.

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