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Business Changes
Mr E. G. Commander has retired from the board of Rover due to ill-health.
It is proposed that Mr L. G. T. Farmer shall be appointed executive vice-chairman after the annual meeting in December.
Mr M. F. C. Wilks is to be sole managing director, and Mr W. F. F. Martin-Hurst has been appointed a director and deputy managing director. Mr A. B. Smith has been appointed to the board as supplies director.
It is intended to appoint Mr G. Lloyd Dixon a director after the annual meeting.
Mr C. J. Peyton, who will be joining the company shortly, is to be appointed executive director (finance).
Mr W. J. Robinson has been appointed executive director (production-Solihull).
Mr A. G. S. Herbert, at present in charge of export, has been appointed an executive director.
Mr M. W. B. Knight has been appointed executive director (industrial relations and welfare).

George Farmer
George Farmer
William Martin-Hurst
William Martin-Hurst
George Farmer
George Farmer
AB Smith
A.B. Smith
Keith Adams

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