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Talbot chief for Inchcape
By Clifford Webb and Philip Robinson

Mr George Turnbull, the chairman and managing director of Talbot Motors UK, is to be the new managing director of the Inchape Group. The amnouncement coincides with news of Talbot’s first annual profit for 10 years. Mr Turnbull, aged 57, the key figure in boardroom changes by Sir David Orr, Inchape’s chairman, has extensive experience in the motor industry, the Middle East and Far East. “I didn’t hire him just as a motor man.” Sir David said last night from Rotterdam.

“I brought him in for the benefit of his international business experience. He did a splendid job with Talbot but I think he found it rather limiting. I cannot tell you what he will be paid.”

Mr Turnbull will start in September, replacing Mr Peter Foxon who is to retire. Inchcape has extensive interests in car distribution in this country and overscas including Toyota GB, the UK concession for Japan’s biggest motor manufacturer.

Talbot Motors UK, declaring its first annual profit for 10 years, announced that another former BL executive, Mr Geoffrey Whalen, Talbot’s assistant managing director, is to succeed Mr Turnbull as chief executive.

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