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Refusal to make a total addition to the company pay roll of 1&s. a week- 2s: each for nine girl typists-is threatening to cause a complete stoppage of production at the’four Coventry factories of Standard-Triumph International Ltd.

Car assembly stopped today. Tonight 600 clerks were on strike until Thursday, 2,000 day assembly workers had been sent home and the night shift was cancelled. The striking clerks are supporting the girls who complain that a recent basic wage increase reduced their differential bonus from 5ss.3d. to 3s. 3d. The girls. who earn £9 Ss. a week, type foreign language invoices and other documents to cover spares for exports. They will meet union officials tomorrow and efforts are being made to arrange discussions with the management.

Many of the 600 strikers are linked to assembly schedules and it is expected that the continuance of work on a reduced scale will be threatened even further, although a spokesman for the firm said tonight it was not anticipated any more men would be laid off though a stock-piling problem was likely to arise. The strikers are to meet on Thursday. Because wage clerks are also involved discussions were going on today as to what arrangements could be made for the company’s 10,000 manual workers to be paid out as usual on Thursday.

Keith Adams

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