Archive : Triumph men will go back today

The 11 week long unofficial strike at the Standard-Triumph car body plant on Merseyside, which has made 11,000 car workers idle and cost £11m in production, is over.

The 1,150 men decided at a mass meeting in Liverpool yesterday to return to work today. Their decision came at the end of a 1 1/2 hour private meeting. It was clear from statements made afterwards that the decisive factor in ending the dispute was a personal undertaking given to the strike leaders by Lord Stokes’ the British Leyland chairman.

Hitherto the men have been adamant that they would not return to work until the management met their claim for a £4 10s. a week increase. Yesterday they retreated significantly from this position. The Oxford factory of the Austin Morris division of British Leyland may be at a standstill tomorrow because of a walkout by five men who control the flow of car bodies to the assembly lines. The management proposed to lay some of them off because of short time working.

ROVER NEWS: Rover Back To Normal

Production of Rover 2000 cars, disrupted last week by a fire in a trim shop at the company’s Solihull factory, was almost back to normal yesterday.

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