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As Standard-Triumph workers at Liverpool returned yesterday at the end of their 11-week strike, another big British Leyland car plant was brought to a complete standstill by a wildcat stoppage involving only 18 men. The strikers operate panels which electronically control the flow of bodies and other components to the assembly lines at Austin Morris, Cowley.

They walked out on Monday complaining that they were not receiving sufficient work because of lay-offs resulting from last week’s strike at Pressed Steel Fisher, Llanelli, and short-time working on the Maxi assembly line. Yesterday 4500 Cowley workers were laid off stopping production of 1100, 1300, Maxi and 3 litre saloons.

At British Leyland’s Longbridge plant Mini production on three shifts was hit by a strike by over 500 men protesting against the transfer of workers from the Kings Norton plant.
Despite this disruption one of the cars produced on this day was the very last 998cc Mini Cooper, an Austin badged car.

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