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Production at the Bathgate factories of British Leyland Corporation has come to a halt as a direct result of the dispute at Rootes Linwood factory, bringing the total of those laid off in Scotland’s motor industry to more than 7000.

A company official said yesterday that because of the continuation of the dispute at Rootes, who supply truck cabins for the corporation, it had become impossible since the beginning of last week to produce trucks at Bathgate.

The truck engine assembly and machining sections were therefore closed down and about 1100 men laid off. Because a proportion of their members were involved, officials of the Amalgamated Union of Engineers and Foundry workers withdrew the remainder of their membership of about 1600.

The Leyland official said the unions decision had made it necessary to close the entire production side of the truck and tractor factories from today and more than 3000 would be laid off. With the numbers already laid off at Linwood, this brings the total of Scottish suspensions to more than 7000.

The situation at Bathgate – unless the A.E.F. have a change of heart and allow their men to return to work and permit the tractor factory to resume work – will continue until at least 24 hours after the resumption of work at Rootes.

Keith Adams

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