Also known as : Mini – Classic

In this gallery, we take a look at some of the names used to sell various versions of the Mini in overseas markets…

Austin Partner
Home market name: based on Austin Seven

The Austin version of the Mini was sold in Denmark as the Partner from its introduction in 1959 until 1964.

Morris Mascot
Home market name: Morris Mini Minor (later Mini)

In Denmark, the name Mascot is synonymous with Mini, having been applied to that car since 1961, right through to 1981, when official imports ceased. The generic name “Combi” was used for the estate versions.Based on information submitted by Erik L¿ye

Morris Mini-K
Home market name: based on Mini

When the Australians fitted the Mini with the 1100’s 1098cc A-series engine, they re-christened it “Mini-K”, and the K stood for… kangaroo! No, really, it did! As if to drive home the point, both the brochures and the cars themselves bore kangaroo motifs.

Wolseley 1000
Home market name: based on Mini/Wolseley Hornet

Was the Wolseley 1000 a Mini with a Hornet front end, or a Hornet with a Mini rear end? Well, whichever way you look at it, it was certainly unique to the South African market, but it wasn’t the only Mini-based oddity to emerge from this BMC off-shoot. Later years would see the standard Mini sprout a Hornet/Elf-style booted rear end…


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