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After the formation of BMC, Australia became an increasingly important market for the company, with models imported from the UK giving way firstly to local assembly of CKD (completely knocked down) kits, and later full assembly of models either adapted or specifically developed for the local market.

Minis and 1100s lined up outside BMC’s 63-acre factory at Victoria Park, Sydney, in the mid-1960s

The Zetland factory in Sydney, as photographed from the air…

ADO16 in Australia

Down Under, after selling the standard Morris 1100 for a while, BMC started producing some interesting local variations on the ADO16 theme. First came the Morris 1500, which featured a modifed front end to go with its uprated engine. But the 1500 Nomad which followed boasted an altogether more significant modification…


The X6 Kimberley/Tasman

The Australian and New Zealand markets were treated to a sensible saloon version of the 1800, and significantly, they were also treated to the E6 engine two years before customers back in England.


E-Series Marinas

So why did the Australians and South Africans use OHC E-Series engines in the Marina?


Picture kindly supplied by Scott Williams

Leyland P76, Force 7 and P82

The P76 saloon was intended to allow Leyland to compete with the big boys in Australia; it should have been joined by coupe and estate versions, and followed-up with a smaller model, the P82 (to replace the Marina). Instead, production came to an abrupt end, with the coupe never reaching the showroom, the estate still a prototype and the P82 still on the drawing board.


Rover Quintet

The first Ronda… a Quintet by another name…


Rover 416

An interesting Honda/Rover effort: JRA (Jaguar Rover Australia) approached Honda to import a five-door version of the Integra; in 1985, both the original Honda Integra (three-door) and the Rover 416i (five-door) were launched on the Australian market. Badging reflected the style of the XX, which at that time was still being produced in Japan for Asia–Pacific markets.Thanks to Jack Yan for this information


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