Also known as: Morris Marina GT

Morris Marina GT

You can read more about the Morris Marina ADO16 in Denmark, and there is a comprehensive list of all of the other international versions posted here in the Also Known As gallery, but this is the first time we’ve seen an advert for the Morris Marina GT.

The image was shared by Julian Marsh, he of Citroënët fame, shows the Danish Marina was also sold on price, and value for money – a tough call, given the harsh taxation that all cars had faced there since 1963.

In this advert from 1970, it not only hails the features of the new 1300cc Morris Marina GT, but the fact that its very successful importer DOMI managed to rack up total sales of 17,000 since the arrival of the ADO16 in 1962. The Marina GT was available as both an Austin and a Morris, both powered by the the same engine – and dealers were able to offer the car as a go-faster Morris 1300GT (as in the UK), as well as this, the single-carb Marina GT.

Keith Adams

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