Woodall Nicholson 1800/2200

Woodall Nicholson produced this curious-looking stretched Landcrab, along with a far more elegant hearse…

This Austin 2200-based limousine, which had clearly seen better days, appeared on eBay at least twice during 2002/2003. All we know about it at the moment is that it was a Woodall Nicholson conversion, and that there may also have been a version based on the Wolseley 18/85. If you have any further information – particularly the model name(s) used, or better still, any original publicity material – then we’d love to hear from you.

This Austin 1800-based hearse was part of the British Motor Heritage collection at Gaydon until June 2003, when it was amongst the batch of exhibits included in the museum’s first-ever public auction – it fetched £1300. Hopefully, it went to someone who will preserve it in its original condition – too many of these rarely-seen conversions have already ended up on the banger-racing circuit, or have been subjected to dubious customisation.

Keith Adams


  1. It is unusual too see such a huge gap between the rear doors and the rear axle – were there three rows of seats with the second row folding forward for access?

  2. The limousine was mine (those photos were taken by me at my place of work, as I was the one selling it on eBay) – it had been parked under a car port at a farm in Faddiley, just outside Nantwich, Cheshire, where it was owned by a friend of my fathers, a Mr Threadgold, who used to use it as a wedding car until laying it up several years earlier.
    It had been under the carport for several years, and hadn’t run in that time at all. Sadly, the carport was shorter than the vehicle, and so the front edge of the bonnet and the boot had suffered badly with rust.
    It only had about 16,000 genuine miles on the clock, and after cleaning the fuel pump out, it fired up, but ran roughly, though the Borg-Warner automatic box was smooth.
    I bought it on a whim, and sold it on eBay shortly after, having never got it working right, and sold it to an entheusiast who also bought it on a whim (apparently)
    I guess as it appeared again in 2003, that he sold it on again.

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