The converters : Chris Humberstone

Designer Chris Humberstone first came to prominence in the early 1970s with the Jaguar-based Owen Sedanca.

A few years later, his company – Chris Humberstone Design Ltd – was commissioned to design the Triplex Ten Twenty Special show car, and Humberstone went on to become the leading light of car conversion specialists Rapport International when the two companies joined forces in 1979. Following the collapse of Rapport in the early Eighties, Humberstone worked as a freelancer for several years, notably as a consultant to several Formula 1 teams, including McLaren and Benetton. Then, in 1989, he decided to capitalise on the resurgence of interest in the Mini by reviving the Harold Radford name.

In 1992/93, while still involved with the Radford venture, Humberstone designed the innovative Allard J2X Group C Le Mans racer, as part of a consortium that also included Alan Allard, the son of the long-defunct marque’s founder Sydney. He later became managing director of Spice Racing Cars in Australia, and was also closely involved with its successor, Spice Motorsport from 1997 onwards. His successful career was tragically cut short by his untimely death a few years later.

Owen Sedanca

Taking its inspiration from the Lamborghini Espada (née Bertone Pirana), this was Gerald Ronson’s attempt to produce a bespoke upmarket coupé for his well-heeled customers. And if it hadn’t been for the 1970s oil crisis, he might just have pulled it off…Enter…

Triplex 10-20 Special

Every so often, the automotive glass specialists Triplex would roll out a bespoke show car to demonstrate their capabilities. In 1977, Chris Humberstone was commissioned to produce this unique Rover-based coupé…Enter…
Keith Adams

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