1. We shall never see its like again.  0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds nearly thirty years ago.  A beast of a car!  Really looked the part when they did the mark 3 twin headlight nose (although knowing Ford I’m surprised they didn’t fit a plastic blanking plate to a pair of the lights on the 1.3 base version – yes, they really did make a 1.3 base version!)I reckon that Vauxhall/Opel should have put a twin headlamp kit on the Manta, only the rally cars and the last of the line Exclusives had twin headlamps.  Always thought that the huge old square Cavalier headlamps on the Manta really dated it.  Still liked it though!

  2. I am surprised they advertised it being driven it the wet – am I right in thinking they were a little ‘tail happy’ on wet roads? I could be wrong of course as I have never driven one!

  3. My Dad very nearly bought a MK1 Capri 3.0 – shame he didn’t. I recall the MK3 2.8i very well (and those 2 tone colours). Hard to believe the Capri has been OUT of production for more years than it was IN production.

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