Police cars : MG

These days it’s hard to imagine the police zipping around in a two-seater sports car, but from the 1930s through to the 1960s, some of them did just that. Today’s MG-driving policemen are more likely to find themselves at the wheel of an estate car…


1962 MGA operated by the Lancashire Traffic Section.


1963 MGB, carrying the one of the Met’s first all-woman crews.

A 1972 MGB GT in service with the Sussex force.


MGC on duty with the Met in 1970.


The Rover 75 Tourer-based MG ZT-T.

Keith Adams


  1. How times change..in todays world Daily Mail readers would accuse the police of enjoying themselves at taxpayers expense…

  2. My late father, when he was Riley Sales manager at BMC, had a 1967 ex Sussex police MGB GT demonstrator as his own car. Very fond memories of the car and my father being often late. It had ST stage 2 modifications and calibrated speedo. Very quick. 110 four up on the M50 as my father was let for a meeting. His next MGB GT was much slower.

  3. Was the MG ZT-T in Police livery above actually in service? or was it a demonstrator to attract sales to Police forces? It looked the part anyway.

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