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Innocenti of Milan, the Italian company which has assembled more than 40,000 Austin A40 saloons for the British Motor Corporation since 1960, are to take on assembly of the Morris 1100, it was announced at Monza yesterday.

The Milan company plans to produce more than 12,000 Morris 1100s between now and the end of this year, while continuing assembly of the A40, already running at a rate of more than 20,000 a year. Mr J. F. Bramley, B.M.C.’s export director, said that the Innocenti-B.MC. association had led to substantial progress in consolidating the market for British cars in Italy, and this progress would now be accelerated.

They were confident that the Innocenti Morris-to be known as the I.M.3-would find an enthusiastic following in Italy.

The I.M.3 designation has been chosen because the 1100 is the third B.M.C. model to be assembled by Innocenti. the others being the A40 and the Spyder, a sports car embodying Austin Healey Sprite components and of which more than 5,000 have been built since 1960. Italian motoring correspondents who tested the Morris 1100 at Monza yesterday, praised its lively performance, disc brakes. and front wheel drive.
Mr Alec Issigonis (below), technical director of B.M.C., said:  “They were, enthusiastic about the car and all told me it will do very well in ltaly.”

Sir Alec Issigonis
Sir Alec Issigonis
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