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Mr D. Stokes Heads Standard-Triumph

Mr Donald Stokes, 49, managing director and deputy chairman of Leyland Motor Corporation, has been appointed chairman of Standard-Triumph International in succession to Sir Henry Spurrier, it is announced today. Sir Henry recently retired from an active part in the corporation’s affairs and became its first president.

Mr Stanley Markland, managing director of Standard-Triumph International, retires at the end of this month, and Sir William Black, chairman of Leyland, said: “As Mr. Stokes is assuming full executive control of Standard-Triumph, it is not proposed to appoint a managing director. The present director and general manager, Mr George Turnbull, however, will assume broader responsibilities under Mr Stokes.”

Mr Turnbull is 37 and the young management team of Standard-Triumph also includes Mr Harry Webster, 46, engineering director, and Mr J. Carpenter, 38, general sales manager.

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