Video : Innocenti Regent advert (Italian TV)

The Innocenti Regent advert is a piece of TV that you really won’t want to miss. It’s absolutely horrible, and yet you can’t take your eyes off it.

…a bit like the car really!

The death of an Allegro? A Regent act…

Yes, in this Innocenti Regent video, the poor Italian Allegro is being hammered up a railway…
Yes, in this Innocenti Regent video, the poor Italian Allegro is being hammered up a railway…

If anyone thinks that the UK launch advert for the Austin Allegro depicting ex-EastEnders actor Bill Treacher monstering a 1750SS around a gravel pit in the most determined manner possible is hair-raising, they are going to absolutely love this one. Advertising for the new Innocenti Regent – the car it was subsequently found the Italians didn’t want – was equally just as much fun.

This two-minute short, which is playfully inspired by the epic Steven Spielberg film Duelgets to show the rare Italian-built saloon rammed, yumped, driven along railway lines and generally abused to within an inch of its life. And, then at the end, the hapless test driver decides to buy the car, describing it (I think) as tranquil.

The thing is, despite the awful punishment meted out to this car, you can’t help but watch it to the end. Will the hapless hero manage to escape his pursuer? I won’t post the spoiler, but it’s a safe bet – as it’s a TV advert – that he will. As for the Innocenti Regent itself, here was a car that remained in production for 18 months and which proved that, even when tastefully decorated, an Austin Allegro just doesn’t appeal to Italians. Perhaps that’s why our aggressive truck driver took umbrage to this happy little red saloon that’s not an Alfa Romeo Alfasud.

This advert is a piece of YouTube gold, and reaffirms your faith in the belief that the Internet can be a force for good. Enjoy!

Keith Adams


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