News : Jessica Ennis shows off F-type

The Jaguar F-type gets its dynamic debut in the UK in the hands of Jessica Ennis
The Jaguar F-type gets its dynamic debut in the UK with Jessica Ennis

The F-type had its first proper public airing at the 2012 Lord Mayor’s Show in London. It was ridden in by Team GB Olympic gold-medalist and Jaguar Academy of Sports Ambassador Jessica Ennis. The new car was accompanied by two E-types and received a warm welcome from the chilly and dampened crowd.

The E-types were two of the most legendary examples – Chassis No. 4 and No. 24, both of which were restored by Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth and showed the strong historic links existing between the two models.

This year’s event saw more than 6500 people, 21 carriages, a Sherman tank and a steamroller taking part, which filled the whole area between Mansion House and the Royal Courts of Justice in Aldwych. The procession was cheered by thousands of people and watched live on the BBC.

Jessica Ennis said: ‘It was great being part of the Lord Mayor’s Show in the Jaguar F-TYPE. I was amazed how many people turned out to watch the procession.’

Pageantmaster Dominic Reid OBE added: ‘It was a great honour for us to welcome such an outstanding Olympian as Jessica Ennis to the Lord Mayor’s Show. It was wonderful how the crowd reacted to her. It was great to see Jaguar back in the parade, and this was particularly poignant as my father’s E-Type was driven in the show in 1973 by Graham Hill.’

Keith Adams


  1. Not exactly her showing it off or in “her hands” as it was left-hand drive and she was in the passenger seat and not driving.

  2. Is she extremely tiny or is that car extremely huge? Looks more like a Sherman tank than a sportscar! If it was RHD she wouldn’t be able to see over the steering wheel without a booster cushion!

  3. She’s small by the standards of most female athletes, (5ft 5) but hardly Kylie sized, so yes the F type is a lot bigger than the E type, as is the modern way. Side impact safety probably plays a part…

  4. What a great ambassador for the Jaguar Academy of Sport Jessica is. Someone who is down to earth, friendly and a real inspiration. I can think of another Olympic medal winner who if they had been sat in this car, would have driven me into the showroom belonging to another marque because they are so irritating and full of self importance.

  5. Actually that wasn’t the photo I meant, it’s the 3rd one, as that shows F Type between 2 E types, and really shows you the MASSIVE increase in height and width!

  6. Oh joy, another barnstorming performance by ‘miss spuggie on amphetamines 2012’. You could take her back to a concentration camp in the TARDIS and she’d still bounce around like someone who’s lost her Lithium and find something positive to say.
    Id love to see her plonked into the driving seat of a Renault RS01 (aka the little yellow teapot) and see how long she lasted before she blew it up, I’m guessing right about the time she tries for second.
    There are people infinately more deserving of praise and screen time than she is, so please can we stop swooning at her feet like she’s the second coming – she’s nothing special.

  7. @13
    lol! quality 🙂

    Nothing special?
    “The Face” of the Olympics? and all weight of expections that went with it?
    The pressure that girl was under upto & during the games would be unimaginable to the likes of us.
    Good on her, I say.

  8. @Jemma:

    “There are people infinately more deserving of praise and screen time than she is, so please can we stop swooning at her feet like she’s the second coming – she’s nothing special.”

    I actually made my own comment based on the attributes mentioned. There are one or two other Olympic ‘stars’ who really do create more irritation than praise because of their precocious and “its all about me, me, me” attitude, not to mention love of the limelight. These individuals are increasingly becoming more known for their sponsorship deals and television appearances, rather like a new generation of Anna Kournikova. I can’t say the same about Jessica Ennis as before the Olympics I had never heard of her.

  9. Jemma, please go away and don’t darken this website with your quite unbelievable ignorance. An olympic Champion is certainly ‘special’, it’s a shame posting stupid comments on the internet is not an Olympic discipline, you might have a shot at Gold!

  10. Ms Ennis is a very capable athlete who has suffered injury and has worked hard since the 2004 Olympics. I believe her abilities were spotted many years ago. I do not deny her any time in the limelight.

    And I’d quite like her for Christmas, please.

  11. Oh dear ! When I first saw the pictures of the F I suspected that it was corpulent and verging on the ugly . However, to see it in company with 2 Es only confirms the suspicion beyond any doubt : this looks like yet another Jaguar lemon . What a terrible mistake to show the F up against the Es . It is a terrible shame because the XF is an outstanding car to travel in, and indeed to look at, yet both the cars introduced since the XF ( XJ and F ) are very doubtful indeed in terms of looks, and it is looks which sell cars

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