Police cars : Jaguar

It takes one to catch one: in fact, some British police forces were using Jaguar saloons as early as the 1940s, but they came into their own as motorway patrol cars. In the pre-BMH/Leyland era, Daimler SP250s and even Jaguar E-types also found their way onto certain police fleets.

Jaguar S-Type

A 1968 Jaguar S-Type in service with the Metropolitan Police Force.

Jaguar XJ6

A West Yorkshire Jaguar XJ6, photographed on a closed stretch of motorway in 1972.

Keith Adams


  1. Talk about a built in headwind! Looks as if it would take the 4.2 down to 2.8 performance levels.

    • SUU is a London number and all most certainly belonged to J division based at Rigg Approach District Garage in 1968-70 and I proberly worked on it!

  2. I OWN WGK 465G AN EX MET CAR, BLACK HAVE HAD IT SINCE 1978.still running.

    • I am a retired ex-Met P.C. and am looking for a Met Jaguar S-Type to restore to service condition. Should you ever consider parting with “465”, then I would be very interested to hear from you.
      Kind regards, Robbie Robson, 173385.

  3. Hi,
    I own WGK 498G which, I understand was the very last white S-type ‘traffic car”. It was not registered until January 1969. There is a later black “area” car on the circuit but mine probably never left London and was fitted with a low ratio rear differential. Very quick off the mark but ran out of puff above 70mph – and the consumption! Needles to say I have changed that but have kept the original. I have not (sorry) restored it to police spec as I wanted something more traditional. Restoration is ongoing but hopefully back on the road this year.

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