Police cars : Triumph

Like their counterparts Rover, Triumph had long been suppliers of cars to the Police, ableit less prodigiously, for many years prior to the 1968 merger. Here we see a couple of models that were still in demand during the 1970s.

Triumph Dolomite

A Triumph Dolomite of the West Yorkshire Force.

Triumph 2000/2500

A Metropolitan Police Force Triumph 2.5PI.

Keith Adams


  1. hi,i’m an ex class one (1) driver of that vehicle in Hyde Park.I also was the driver of the rover 2600 press release (thames at 6) in the mid seventies at Hyde Park Corner.I will try to copy you the original photo, happy new year.

  2. I was in West Yorkshire Police Road Traffic Division when these Dolomites arrived. They were Dolomite 1850s, but they were almost up to the standard of the 2.5PI in terms of performance and road holding. It was at a time when policewoman were being transferred on to Road Traffic duties for the first time, and the Dolomites were allocated primarily for their use. To be honest, if you tried to shoehorn two rather large policeman in the front seats, space was a bit tight, but they were nice to drive

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