Car of the Month : April 2009

A competitor in the recent Nile Trial endurance rally, David and Margaret Miller’s Rover Streetwise proved remarkably useful in the mixed Northern African scenery…

Husband and wife team David and Trish Miller took their rally-prepared Rover Streetwise on the Nile Trial as a last-minute replacement for their usual endurance car, and it proved so successful, that it won its class in the event…

Words and pictures: Keith Adams and Gerard Brown.

Streetwise gets desert-wise

Taking a well deserved break in Gisa, in the shadow of the Great Pyramid.

THE Nile Trial was a groundbreaking event put on by the Endurance Rally Association, putting a variety of vintage, classic and moderns through their paces on a demanding run through Algeria, Libya and Egypt – something never before done in this category of motor sport. However, some of the classics earmarked for the event never actually even made it to the start, and that includes David and Trish Miller, who ended up taking their Rover Streetwise to North Africa.

As it happened, their immaculately prepared Rover Streetwise, kitted out to full rally specification proved spectacularly successful, leading its class (for modern cars) to a comfortable victory over the seemingly much tougher Nissan Pathfinder, which should have taken the desert stages in its stride. When we caught up with David on the rally, and asked how he was finding the Streetwise he said, ‘It’s great fun – really quick and it handles the rough fantastically well.’

Was he worried about the headgasket? Not a bit of it. And rightly so…


(Picture: Gerard Brown)

Keith Adams

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