CzechWrecks 2008


Day zero

Waiting for the off in Dover.

Day one

The Benditos’ theme was a popular one.

The classic 1980s twin-test recreated.

Rob looks disdainfully at the TC Skoda in Reims.

There’s always time for text…

Il Diavolo pushing on through France…

It wasn’t Elphick, it was HIM

Renault 4 spotted returning to Mother Nature in Eastern France.

Along with this interesting haul.

Day two

We crashed this Ferrari Owners Club of Switzerland meeting – the Weismann seemed out of place.

TPB Audi caught in one of those rare occasions it was going less than 100mph.

What a view…

The hills are alive with the sound of boat-horns.

Day three and four

Don’t look down – it’s time to head East again.

Subaru looked good but why wasn’t it given the team number 555?

Elphick enjoys the Alps… after wrestling the driving seat from Dave.

They nicked our paint!

Half-way down Stelvio – what a view.

One meeting with the armco too many…

Dave gets it all crossed-up on a hairpin in the Czech Republic.

The end…

Goodbye airbag – hello Zippy.

Dave swaps the funnel for a lift to the airport…

Airbag donated in the cause of comedy.

Airbag deployment




Keith Adams

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