Events : LEJoG in a Princess – Finish line

Team AROnline made it to the finish. Better late than never…

Words and photography: Alexander Boucke


Due to the mishap with the starter motor we only arrived at the 1100 Club’s annual rally on Sunday morning. We have had lots of offers for help including a free replacement starter from one of our French friends, Olivier, who ran LEJoG with two of his cars – one of them being driven by his brother. Fortunately, the re-seated starter has, thus far, proved reliable, but we bought a reconditioned unit to be put in when back home.

The 1100 Club gathering had a very good turnout, including a member who flew in from Australia.


After chatting with many new and old friends, we collected the trophy for the furthest driven distance from the continental visitors – at 2250 miles since leaving home.


Everyone had a slice of the birthday cake for the ADO16 and started on their way home and so did we. We are currently resting on our way to Dover, the Princess has just clocked over 90,000 miles – the second time it has turned over a thousand mark since entering Dover 10 days ago. Just 250 miles to go now to get us back home now…


Alexander Boucke

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