Events : Preview – Techno-Classica Essen 2013

This year the Techno Classica can celebrate the 25th anniversary as one of Europe’s leading classic car shows. Each and every year this show has been a feast for classic car enthusiasts across Europe.

Words: Alexander Boucke, Photography: Messe Essen

Techno-Classica Essen

It must have been 1990 when our local newspaper first reported about an upcoming classic car event – so I jumped in my only recently-acquired Maxi (at less than 10 years old still a rather new car) and drove to the Techno-Classica Essen. And I had a very enjoyable day, spending too much money on things not necessarily needed and looking at strange old cars never seen before…

Since then the show has grown, got more professional, more commercial, more crowded – but the same appeal is still there. And since car manufacturers plunder their own collections to create stunning displays together with the car clubs, even seasoned show goers will spot something new and exciting every year. In addition you can easily spend a full day shopping for parts, tools, models, brochures – and complete cars. Even the deepest pockets will find their match. So yesterday curiosity got hold of me and I drove to Essen for a quick glimpse of the preview day.

The organisers are proud to annouce that every single square-foot of the showground is used, including all open air areas, and that 25 car makes present their heritage together with more than 200 clubs. And as British car firms have produced some of the finest of classics, plenty of British metal will be on show.

Mini celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Mini Cooper S, but also have row of Italian cars on show – in shape of Innocentis to commemorate the stop of production 20 years ago. VAG celebrates 20 years of the Audi V8 and 80 years of the famous Horch V8. From the ZeitHaus-Collection a selection of un-equal pairs has been brought to Essen – so a Messerschmitt KR200 bubble car is placed next to a huge Rolls Royce Silver Ghost to represent the light vs. heavy.

If you have a free weekend now – jump in your car or find a cheap flight and visit the show. AROnline will be reporting from the show extensively over the weekend so you don’t have to – stay tuned.

Messe Essen GmbH, Norbertstraße, 45001 Essen, Germany

Alexander Boucke


  1. Just got back myself. Spent 3 days in petrol heaven.
    Fabulous cars – did not realise just how wonderful the Horsch was!
    Such a fantastic Alfa presence too!
    Asking prices at Essen are notorious and this year was no exception – 19700 Euros for a ratty TR7 and 27000 for an NSU 1000 was typical.

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