Events : LEJoG in a Princess – day five

Our team’s Princess 1300 is still going strong after the first third of the journey back has been covered.

Words and Photographs: Alexander Boucke


Good morning from Edinburgh! We’ve been very lucky with our choice of hotel room this night – and possibly even more so with finding a parking space as the picture above taken from the entrance door shows. Before arriving in town most of the ADO16s on the run collected before crossing the Firth of Forth bridge to drive into town in formation.


The Forth rail bridge was the perfect backdrop for the second group shot of the day.
The day started with a cold and rather grey morning at John o’Groats. However, looking over the sea to the Orkney Islands, we promised ourselves to return one day, for a stay slightly longer than a rather short night.


The car performed fine again. Regular oil checks are needed, as the consumption averaged to about 2.5 litres over 1500 miles. From the other cars we have had similar reports – mainly minor failures such as resetting of ignition points needed. The failure on the Innocenti I5 reported earlier turned out to be a faulty relay instead of a charging problem.


Alexander Boucke

Based in Aachen, Germany, Alexander has had BMC>ARG cars around him since birth - in fact his earliest childhood memories are from buying a new Landcrab with his family at the age of two. The new cars have aged to classic cars and a few more have joined the family fleet - most of them by now proper classics and many with Hydrolastic or Hydragas suspension. Alexander joined the AROnline team back in 2002 when helping out to get some facts right on the Austin 3 Litre.


  1. I was in that very car park next to the Forth Bridge in April. The ADO16’s look great all lined up. Pleased the trip is going well!

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