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Keith Adams

The summer downtime is upon us, and that means we’ll be posting a number of exciting stories from the AROnline back-catalogue for you to enjoy during the quiet time. Just keep an eye on the homepage slider and enjoy some of the finest stories we’ve published over the past ten years or so.

From the wonderful blow-by-blow story of the creation and ultimate destruction of BMC, to the technical makes up of the K-Series engine – they’re all here for you to enjoy. The place to look for further interesting reading is the ‘Feature cabinet’, which you can access from the left-hand menu – there really is loads in there.

Of course, we’re not closing down for the summer – far from it, as we’re still updating every day – but as so many of you are enjoying a little bit of downtime, it’s only fair to highlight some of the best reading to take with you.

Keith Adams

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