Gallery : Longbridge West Works, Dec 2005

R75/ZT production line

The railway lines

…a closer look

The elevated tunnel

The lines are silent…

Crushed bodyshells

Nothing but scrap now

Bell and Howell no more

The silence is tangible

Records galore

No more meetings…

Cut up for photography

The clock still ticks over…

Sodium backlighting

Old West Works number one

It’s a big place

The quietest room

Our thoughts precisely


…not in Whitehall?

Offices to let

Inside the tunnel…

Crossing the A38

45/ZSs won’t be finished

…from the other side

The clocks weren’t turned off

Tourers wait in line…

Another clearing

“NAC to bring back this part”

“NAC to bring back the ZR
Keith Adams


  1. if ever there was a bunch of upsetting pictures concerning the uk motor industry they can all be found here,impossible not to feel sad.

  2. Such a shame. Pity they couldn’t have rescued at least part of the factory to use as a museum or similar- would probably have made a far better facility than the pitiful one at Gaydon where invaluable prototypes are left to rot.

  3. I know that the 45 shells had to be destroyed by law, but what about the 75/ZT/ZT-T shells? Did the Chinese take them or did some end up with the likes of Rimmer Bros? Or were they just scrapped?

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