Auction Watch : Rover Sterling with Royal approval

If you’re in the market for a Rover with Royal connections, this Rover Sterling that’s up for auction should be right up your street

Supplied new to Buckingham Palace, and with paperwork noticeably reticent about its recipient (other vehicles sold to the Royal estate mention the details of the intended user, but those destined for the Queen usually did not), the Sterling was then sold on to its second owner as a ‘One previous lady owner’ car.

History, always important when it comes to classic vehicles, is even more poignant in the case of this 827, supplied new by Royally-approved dealer Thomas Day Motors of Fleet. Extensive paperwork, handbooks, manuals, magazine features and invoices help build the fabric of the car’s background.

Original, virtually undamaged leather and wood triumph in the Rover’s interior, which still has the factory mats further protected by another set – a boot liner, spare wheel and original factory tools, as well as the factory CD multichanger, all feature.

As it is deserving of such a car, it starred in the ‘100 Years of Cowley’ parade.

Check out the auction, which starts on 29 May

Keith Adams


  1. The Royal household were notorious in driving a hard bargain when it came to fleet procurement. They never paid anywhere near retail.

    Interestingly, while watching the Jimmy Saville documentary on Netflix recently, I came across a photo of an 800 finished in BRG with the disgraced DJ and Prince Charles. I wonder if this is the same car?

  2. I can vouch for Royal connections to Rover 800s. One Friday afternoon about 2001, I visited Worcester Shrub Hill station to buy a weekly train ticket. Something persuaded me to stick around, there was an air of expectancy. Some rather large blokes in tailored suits were hanging around the entrance; they looked like guys who could look after themselves, and possibly wore holsters on their shoulders. A perfectly normal train turned up with Princess Margaret in a 1st class seat. She was ushered into a clean, well maintained, white 4 door Rover 800 (R17) and whisked away. The car, like the bodyguard, hinted of hidden power and professional capability.

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