China Watch : CCT’s Roewe 150 images

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Ash Sutcliffe, China Car Times, 4th June, 2009


These Roewe 150 spy shots made it onto the internet early this morning, complete with an ‘artist’s rendering’ of what the finished product may look like. Previous ’spy shots’ of a Roewe 250 showed a Fiat Punto with some wires hanging out from under the hood, although that was likely to have been a test mule for an engine rather than a ‘cloned car’.

The Roewe 150, or possibly 250, will be Roewe’s first small car. An actual launch date has yet to be announced but the new model could be unveiled at an end of year Auto Show – possibly Beijing or Guangzhou. The 150 is probably not going to be based on the Rover 25 platform as that is a little bit too long in the tooth for a modern day application.

ccts-roewe-150-rendering-no1 ccts-roewe-150-rendering-no21

It has to be stressed that the above mock ups are an artist’s impression of what might come from Roewe but, if this is what’s coming, then we certainly think it’s lacking in character and style.

[Source: China Car Times]

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  1. I like the Roewe N1 Concept! Can they please release something like it in the UK? Anyway, going on about the real subject, I think the 150 will target the buyer who really wants a everyday man’s car. The 550 was going that way, but this hits the spot where the Metro used to be a player. Let’s hope, of course, that the 150 will be more successful than the Metro and let’s hope it will not die like the Metro!

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