China Watch : MG6 spotted on test in China

Ash Sutcliffe, China Car Times, 24th September, 2009

The MG6 is essentially the sports version of the Roewe 550 sedan and will probably be one of the first Chinese cars to go ’supersonic’ and see sales all around Europe in the coming months. An eventual launch date for China has not yet been announced although it is likely to be the end of this year or early in 2010. A test model of the Roewe 550 sedan with an MG grille was spotted out testing in Spain earlier this month, but this is the first time that a true pre-production MG6 has been snapped while out testing in China.

The  production version of  the MG6 adopts the fastback style that we saw at the Shanghai Auto Show but does without the fat alloys and the piano black interior of the MG6 Concept. The test car’s interior was still the standard Roewe one but the final MG version is supposed to be quite similar, although without the wooden finish that is in the 550.

The MG6 is the most anticipated hatch of the year both in China and in Europe, where the MG marque has continued to have a cult following despite the demise of MG Rover in April, 2005.

[Source: China Car Times]

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Oh dear, this not what MG should be about. Just an anonymous design in a sea of dreary clones wearing different nameplates.

    Good luck to it – if it sells well, then maybe it will finance a new two-seater to taunt the MX-5 and regain the position which MG lost in the USA when the MGB died.

  2. Good on you SAIC for keeping at least one of the former BMC/BL brands alive.

    MG has always produced passenger cars and I’d buy a new one if I could (hint hint!). Just make sure it handles and goes like an MG should and we’ll all be queuing to buy one.

    P.S.: Bring back one of the legacy names from the BMC/BL stable for the World market to pop on the front of your Roewes. I’d much rather drive an Austin or a Wolseley than a Roewe as it just sounds better in English 🙂

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