News : Jaguar Land Rover sales up in November


Jaguar Land Rover has increased its global sales in November 2016, due to both an expansion of its model range and an increase in output from the company’s factory in China. This bolsters its position as the largest car manufacturer in the UK.

The company sold 47,588 vehicles in November, up 2 per cent compared with November 2015. The year-on-year growth in retail volumes was driven by strong sales of the Jaguar XF and F-Pace, and the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Sport. There has been some Land Rover drop-off because of the run-out of outgoing Discovery in advance of the all-new model in 2017.

Chinese sales are up 42 per cent, while the North American market has grown by 20 per cent. This contrasts with drop-offs in Europe (down 13 per cent), the UK (down 6 per cent) and in other overseas markets, which include Russia and Brazil (down 25 per cent). Jaguar Land Rover sold 527,937 vehicles in the first 11 months of 2016, 21 per cent up on the same period in the prior year.

Production growth in China

Further Chinese growth is in prospect after the announcement during the Guangzhou Auto Show of the Phase II capacity expansion project at the Chery Jaguar Land Rover plant in Changshu, which will increase manufacturing capacity by 70,000 vehicles, an increase of more than 50 per cent.

Jaguar recorded its best November ever, with retail sales of 14,613 vehicles, up 83 per cent compared to November last year. So far in 2016, Jaguar has sold 132,381 cars, up 75 per cent year-on-year. Land Rover sold 32,975 vehicles in November, down 14 per cent on November 2015, with year-to-date sales of 395,556 vehicles, 9 per cent up on the prior year.

Keith Adams


  1. Great news, JLR is another success story, Land Rover very much in the right place to exploit the opportunities of the SUV boom of recent times, as is Jaguar with F-Pace, i-Pace and possible future crossover models.

    However, where is the mention of the XE? This was supposed to be the volume fleet 3-series beater?

  2. Apropos the Jaguar XE, The lemming-like rush for motorists to drive trucks and buses, (aka SUVs), sweeps all before it ! The F-Pace is now the top selling Jaguar. For me, elegance is still an attribute of a car that I pay attention to.

  3. Bit worrying that sales in the UK are actually down – in a still growing market – despite all the new metal (or aluminium) JLR have recently launched. Wonder if this is intentional? The UK premium market seems a bit of a bear pit at the moment. Audi, BMW and Mercedes are all discounting like mad. Perhaps focusing output on China and the US is more profitable than distress selling here?

  4. …..Of course if I’d read the article properly, the run out of the Discovery will obviously have had an impact as well

  5. Absolutely, I’d have added another unit to Land Rover’s November 2016 sales, if the fools in product planning hadn’t stopped building the D4 two months earlier!

  6. I’d be interested in the Jaguar model split, to see if the XE is making any headway against the competition

    The LWB XFL seems to be a success in China.

    • Thanks, though those sales are for the year to March, so not that current

      I found JLR’s quarterly statement, for the 3 months to September

      The F-Pace was the best selling Jaguar, with 17000 sold
      11000 XEs were sold, but this is less than the (full size) Range Rover achieved…

      UK 30,981
      North America 30,228
      Europe 30,169
      China 19,786
      Overseas 21,597
      Total JLR 142,459

      F-PACE 17,157
      F-TYPE 2,638
      XE 11,176
      XF 7,963
      XJ 2,772
      Jaguar 41,706

      Discovery Sport 28,283
      Discovery 13,263
      Range Rover Evoque 26,067
      Range Rover Sport 20,212
      Range Rover 12,532
      Defender 393
      Freelander 3
      Land Rover 100,753
      Total JLR 142,459

  7. Great news and long may it continue.

    I wonder how many of the ten products are actually profitable? The sales volumes look very small compared to what must be massive investment in R&D. Hence the talk about doubling output to a million a year. I note that BMW sells over 2million vehicles a year, and I suppose that Tata will be aiming for sales much nearer that than the 500,000 they’s selling a year at the moment. I do hope Tata stick with the business plan and that there’s still an independently run JLR under Tata ownership, with huge UK output, in 10 years time.

  8. Wow … they sold more RRs than XEs … imagine the difference in terms of product profitability! I wonder when people will start calling the XE a flop?

  9. Thank you for finding the figures there maestrowolf.

    I see there were 3 lucky people that found unregistered Freelanders, while it seems a shame the the XJ seems to have virtually no market.

    Where would Jaguar have been without the F-Pace?!

  10. Those sales certainly show how SUVs are a goldmine.

    The XE doesn’t seem to have caught the imagination, it’ll be interesting to see how the Giulia does, as now suddenly there us a glut of premium saloons in that sector.

    The XJ is selling very poorly these days, Jaguar have been talking about making the next XJ a bit different, as it’s a niche product these days

  11. Figures can be downloaded by anyone from

    Regarding November:
    XE: 3417, down 14% cf. Nov 2015.
    XF: 3054, up 40% cf. 2015
    XJ: 916, down 9% cf. 2015
    F-Pace: 6526, not on sale last year
    F-Type: 700, down 18% cf. 2015

    The F-Pace is doing very well. It’s getting up there with the Discovery Sport & Evoque. (9697 & 8777 respectively)

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