News : Jaguar Land Rover off to a flying start


Jaguar Land Rover sold 34,877 vehicles during the first month of 2013, an increase of 32% versus the same period last year. January sales were up across every major market with sales up 74% in China, 46% in Asia Pacific, 33% in the UK, 24% in North America and 10% in Europe.

In January, Land Rover sold 29,118 vehicles (up 31%), with increased sales of Freelander (up 57%), Range Rover (up 52% including prior model), Range Rover Evoque (up 32%), Range Rover Sport (up 17%) and Land Rover Discovery (up 14%).  Land Rover sales were up in all major markets with record January sales in several, including the UK, USA and Germany.

Jaguar sold 5,759 vehicles in January (up by 40%), with increased sales of the XJ (up 70%) and the XF (up 37%), reflecting strong sales of the recently introduced XF Sportbrake as well as all-wheel drive and smaller engine options. Jaguar sales were up in all major markets.

Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Group Sales Operations said, ‘With one of the best month’s sales performances ever, both Jaguar and Land Rover brands have had a very strong start to the year. This reflects the introduction of the all-new Range Rover as well as the 2013 Model Year Jaguar XF and XJ models.’

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Keith Adams


  1. Jaguar’s performance is not bad: it extrapolates to nearly 70,000 cars per year. What was their best ever year? But it’s a long way behind Land Rover. Is it a brand problem, is it a much greater market for SUVs, or is it simpler the greater breadth of models across a broader price range on sale from Land Rover?

  2. @WarrenL… I think it’s a combination of all three factors that hold Jaguar back. At the moment SUVs are in greater demand in the mature western markets than equivalent saloons and JLR have been right in concentrating on Land Rover’s portfolio. This will give them the income to invest in the Jaguar without jeopardising JLR’s future as a whole

  3. BTW if Jaguar extrapolates to 70,000 vehicles that puts LR at 360,000!! Almost half a million units per annum is no mean feat for pair of brands that where dead in the water a few years ago.

  4. This is excellent news.

    I can see a trend for Jaguar sales growing as they introduce new models such as the F Type and replace the XK and XF in time.

    The fact that most of the new cars are being based on the same aluminium platform must mean even greater efficiencies are on the way.

  5. @1 – Surely it relates to the breadth of the respective ranges? Land Rover carpet bomb the SUV sector with a huge range of cars. Jaguar on the other hand have the XF, XK and XJ and thats it. The F Type wont be making any impact on these sales figures yet. Land Rover also cover the lower end of the market with the Freelander and Evoque where volumes are obviously bigger. Jaguar have nothing below XF. Imagine what BMW’s sale figures would look like if they had nothing smaller/cheaper than a 5 series.

  6. The current SUV craze, good for LR. It does mean that most traditional manufacturers are axing big saloons to concentrate on SUVs.

    However, when Jag rolls out their baby Jag range, it could give the 1/3 series, A3/4, A/C class a run for their money. Especially if they can rollout tax special diesels.

  7. @ 6, Magnus – Indeed, or to put it a better way :

    MG er, £16,995 – £21,000

    Dacia er, £5995 – £14,995

    And then of course Dacia have been advertising and flooding every auto-media outlet with reviews, tests and adverts too. Take a lesson (or three) MG!!!

  8. Good news for JLR and well deserved. Talking to people I know who have bought JLR products here in Germany they are happy with the cars, the quality and also the dealers. Interstingly enough Jaguar always perform best, together with Porsche, in the overall customer satisfaction ratings of the ADAC (German AA).

  9. Bad news for the 6 as well, The new Octavia starts at £15k! They may as well pack up and go home. JLR are currently riding on a crest of a wave, and they do need a 3 series rival in the range urgently. I think BM are about to drop the biggest bollock in history too, with the next baby BM to be Bini based. People will not buy a front wheel drive BMW

  10. Jag-war – simple way to increase sales – get on the company car lists! I’d have an XF Sportbrake without any hesitation if only it was on Lex Autolease’s company car list!! Or are they trying to stay ‘exclusive’!!

  11. @10. i don’t know about not buying a fwd beemer, i thought i read somewhere most 1 series drivers thought their cars were fwd, time will tell !

  12. @10 – Of course they will. Why wouldnt they? How many 1 series buyers specifically pick that car because its RWD – hardly any.

  13. This story starts with great news for LR/Jaguar and ends up with people slagging of MG,sorry but I do not get it.

  14. @6: Magnus, you’re comparing MG’s UK sales (1 model) with JLR’s worldwide figures (many models). Any way you look at it it’s bound to still be a whitewash, but at least compare apples with apples!

    Would anybody know where to find MG’s worldwide sales for January? The 6 is starting to trickle out the door here in NZ now, although I haven’t been able to unearth any figures.

  15. @14 and 15:
    My comment could have been made in another thread but, although this ‘story’ is a reproduction of the offical JLR press release, it seems as good a place as any to talk about the latest SMMT monthly registration figures.

    To be clear, I was not comparing MG with JLR who are, indeed, incomparable.

    As for JLR – good on ’em. They’re turning out good quality products that people want to buy – particularly LR – and they’re telling the world about it.

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