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I know in my many dealings with MG Motor UK, since its formation in 2008, that a company it’s seeking to emulate is Mazda. The Japanese company was named as the one MG would be aiming for by long-gone Sales and Marketing director Gary Hagen, when I interviewed him back in 2008 – and his replacement, Guy Jones, also mentioned Mazda several times when asked who MG Motor UK should be aiming at. My opinion (and still is) was that MG Motor UK should try being an Alfa Romeo or SEAT for Dacia money – but that’s another story…

Anyway, the tweet above, posted by the MG Sales Centre, creators of its own variation of the Horsegate scandal, tickled me no end. Once again, it’s throwing arrows at Mazda, saying that the owner who traded his in for this MG6, is one of many. Is this really the case, and if so, are we talking a clapped-out old Mazda 323, or something newer and more interesting? I think we should be told.

Because at the moment, the current range of MGs available in the UK do not stand up to comparison with the nicely-made, well-engineered Mazdas with their shrink-wrapped Kodo design, and excellent SkyActiv engines. The last one I drove, the Mazda3 on its launch in Germany, was very impressive indeed. So, come on chaps, be more imaginative – no need to bang on about who traded in what for your car, because that doesn’t tell the whole story. How can it?

Can’t be long before things get better for MG Motor UK, though. Can it?

Keith Adams

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